Things I Love: My Old Friends

Look at the two of us. Like twins. That’s my big brother and big “me” …back in college I may or may not have eaten entire pizzas in a single sitting. Actually, this is my “big brother” in the fraternal sense, and by “fraternal sense” I mean he was my big brother in my college fraternity. In college, when you pledge a fraternity, you are assigned a big brother who’s job it is to mold you and change you from an immature high-school kid into a fine, upstanding gentleman, ready for the corporate world and ready for life beyond school and college. Mostly, though, the big brother buys beer for you.

My big brother, however, didn’t just buy me beer. He did those other things and over these 20 years we’ve known each other, he’s been a great friend. Even as we’ve grown older and seen less of each other, I can get together with him and it doesn’t matter that we may not have talked for a year or so. I have a theory about friends and friendship – friends of any shape and form are great, but nothing beats an old friend. Someday …that’s going to be a famous quote.

My big brother and I have connected three times, now, in less than a week. He’s doing amazing things, naturally, because he’s an amazing guy, and somehow he thinks I can help him. Maybe. I’ve fooled people into thinking I know a little something about social media, blogging, and writing – so I’m going to advise him.

I’m excited. I don’t know where his latest adventure is going to take him, but I feel pretty stoked to be invited along. I hope the adventure involves zip-lines and hang gliders, but we’ll see. It might just involve blogging and Tweeting.

For a glimpse at the talent I’ve known he’s had for years, make sure you check out his photography site. And his blog. And when I tell you, ‘Like’ him on Facebook and ‘follow’ him on Twitter.

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