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#22Day Push-Up Challenge, Day 1

Maybe two months ago, bowling buddy P.G. challenged me to the #22 day push-up challenge. I thought, “I’m in.” Then did nothing. Now, someone else has challenged me and it’s time I stop “thinking about it” and just start doing it. What is the… Continue Reading “#22Day Push-Up Challenge, Day 1”

Fearlessness, Jealousy

Read the title of this blog? How do these feelings tie together? I’m going to keep this short because I want you to use your time here (visiting my blog) to watch the video below. It’s 2-minutes and 45-seconds, and worth watching if “jealousy”… Continue Reading “Fearlessness, Jealousy”

5-Minute Blogging – What Is the Impossible Dream?

7:48 a.m. – Start I wonder if I should take my 5-Minute morning blogging to Tumblr or Medium because I want this blog to be about me, my birthday, and to be a place where I post my more polished and finished writing projects? Because, what… Continue Reading “5-Minute Blogging – What Is the Impossible Dream?”

5-Minute Blogging

7:43 – Start Tim Ferriss, my ultimate guru, recommends writing in a journal for 5-minutes to start each day. He also recommends meditating daily. He recommends cold showers, exercise, fasting, and delegating tasks to free up time for big things. I’ve been a devoted… Continue Reading “5-Minute Blogging”

A Too-Long To-Do List

I pride myself at being the model of efficiency. At times …I really am. At times, I feel in control and in that state of “flow” where I feel like Neo at the end of The Matrix when the bullets appear to be moving so… Continue Reading “A Too-Long To-Do List”

All American

Where did I go wrong? What could I have done better? I got this mug (pictured at the top) at Christmas from my 7-year-old daughter and I should be flattered, but instead … I’m troubled. Did she walk right past the “#1 Dad” mug,… Continue Reading “All American”

Learning Something Every Day

Inspiration can strike at any time. Today it happened for me at the dry-cleaner just after 7:30 a.m. when I picked up my shirts and a suit. My dry cleaner had a little newspaper sitting there by the cash register. At first I laughed. I… Continue Reading “Learning Something Every Day”

Living Deliberately. Blogging Intentionally.

There’s this concept called “living deliberately.” It means not letting life just sorta happen to you, but instead, controlling everything that happens to you (that you can). Things like when you wake up, if you exercise, whether you enjoy your job and control your… Continue Reading “Living Deliberately. Blogging Intentionally.”