#22Day Push-Up Challenge, Day 1

Maybe two months ago, bowling buddy P.G. challenged me to the #22 day push-up challenge. I thought, “I’m in.” Then did nothing.

Now, someone else has challenged me and it’s time I stop “thinking about it” and just start doing it.

What is the 22-day push-up challenge? Well, my quick glance around the Internet tells me it might be one thing, but it might be another. I found Mission22.com and it’s devoted to the idea of helping reduce the suicide rate among veterans. Why the number “22?” It signifies that every day an average of 22 Veterans take their own lives due to PTSD and TBI. Then, there’s #22Kill.com which seems to be site that started the push-up thing.

I challenge everyone reading to join me. Leave comments with links to your video. Do it. Follow the instructions at 22Kill.com. Follow and Like and learn more at these links.





I kinda blew it in my video. I forgot to mention I’m doing it for John Ballard, Pete Forsythe, Cory DeKraai, and Darrin Wassom.

Here’s my Day 1 video . . .

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