5-Minute Blogging

7:43 – Start

Tim Ferriss, my ultimate guru, recommends writing in a journal for 5-minutes to start each day. He also recommends meditating daily. He recommends cold showers, exercise, fasting, and delegating tasks to free up time for big things. I’ve been a devoted follower for years and I’m starting to wonder if I’m full of anxiety because I can’t reach his level of discipline, or maybe I just don’t do the things he says I should do.

Do I get bogged down in the minutia? Do I dwell on the past failures and fear future failures, while never enjoying the present, the past successes, and being energized by the amazing things I’m yet to do.

Do I look around and let jealousy, envy, and distrust dominate my day while not embracing the goodness, honesty, and friendship that people offer?

The morning journal is supposed to be 5-minutes where I write down all the worst-case scenarios and put on paper the doom and gloom, and then I’m supposed to revisit it at bedtime and see what was imagined and what was reality.

7:48 – End.

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