Neoprene Sleeve

My iPhone doesn’t have a case. Never has. Never will. I like to keep it in my front pocket or back pocket (or any pocket). The problem with that is, something will scratch it. Maybe the keys. Maybe the denim on my jeans. Maybe small bits of sand or dust that, when you sit on an unprotected phone in your pocket, will scratch the screen.

I’m not the only person with that problem and I’m not the only person who thinks the iPhone shouldn’t have a case. The iPhone is beautifully designed. It is thin. A case takes a beautiful, thin iPhone and basically turns it into a VHS tape.

I found a neoprene pocket liner that allows me to slip my phone into my pocket, and it doesn’t matter if that pocket has coins, lint, sand, or my keys in it …the phone is safe inside it’s neoprene sleeping bag, if you will.

It’s brilliant. I know it. And I know exactly who will laugh at me about it. And I don’t care.

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