I Love Don Week 2019

My birthday is July 11th. Every year. And most of you know the week leading up to my birthday is known as “I Love Don Week.” It’s an opportunity for you to celebrate me for an entire week and give me gifts every day.

extended-offer-vector-16727621I take great pride in annoying inspiring the world every year. This year, with Fourth of July falling on a Thursday and me being Up North (Michigan) without WiFi for the long weekend, I’m getting a late start so … I’m making a VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!

“I LOVE DON WEEK” will be extended through Sunday, July 13th.

Please spread the word and let everyone know. You thought you only had one shopping day remaining but think again. I will be accepting gifts and well-wishes and meals dropped off, free drinks if you catch me out and about …all the way until July 13th!!!

Now, the list.

Can you sense the excitement? Spread the word! Big news. Happy Birthday, me!


Don is a Blogger, creative thinker, advertising sales guy, writer, coffee drinker and other stuff. You can connect with Don in many, many ways.

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