“I Love Don Week” Day 3

We’re almost done with “I Love Don Week” Day 3, and I don’t wanna dive too deep into this, and yesterday was good, but …I received zero gifts (save for a free coffee from co-worker C.M., but I think she only bought me a coffee because she’s generally a nice person) on Day 2. Even my wife, while thoughtful by planning a special dinner and keeping my wine glass full during The Bachelorette, didn’t get me a gift. And “the list” (see below) is so easy, this year. Hmmm. Maybe I need to add more ideas.

Two exciting things happened on Day 2 of “I Love Don Week”. First, my desk was #Fandalized (get it? When a person’s “fans” “vandalize” something, I’ve mashed up the words). I think I need to trademark the word “fandalize” …not that I think there’s a great need for the word in the English language. Hmmmm. How do I make it part of pop-culture and the Zeitgeist?

Extra points for me for using the word “zeitgeist” in my blog. And for making up a new word.

The second exciting thing was …my house flooded. From the second story bathroom into the basement. Yes. Through the floor and down the walls. This was thanks to my pre-teen daughter running the sink at full speed, and the shower, and then distractedly walking away. But I learned we have exactly enough towels to handle a small water disaster. Had it been any worse, we would’ve been borrowing towels from neighbors. I happened to be taking a shower in the downstairs bathroom (which is immediately below the upstairs bathroom) and when I got done I was like, “hmmm, why do I hear water dripping?” And then when I opened the bathroom door I saw water dripping.

That was the anti-I-Love-Don-Week moment. Can’t wait to see what else my kids have in store to ruin my week.

I did have a great conversation with a very good friend and it gave me the shot in the arm I needed to be optimistic about turning 42 and not worrying about that which I’ve not done and things I’m not doing and keep focused on the great and wonderful things I am doing and that are in my life.

Speaking of things “in my life”, I wouldn’t mind a few of these things “in my life”. Plenty of time for Amazon to still ship anything on this list.

I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully to brag about some of the great gifts I received.


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