“I Love Don Week”, Day 2

Can you believe it’s already Day-2 of “I Love Don Week”? I found myself outta town and without Wifi and unable to blog, yesterday, the official Kick-Off of “I Love Don Week.”

But my wife did not forget it was the start of “I Love Don Week” and I got a magnetic Spartan logo to put on my car. And I had quite a bit of windshield and fishing time to daydream a few more items for the “I Love Don Week” wish-list. Sorry for the short blog entry …had every intention of getting up early and blogging all about myself and my birthday (and working out), but the bed was pretty cozy this morning.

For the newbies, “I Love Don Week” is the 6-days leading up to my birthday, July 11th, and this is a long-standing traditional summer holiday. Plenty of time to shop.

More tomorrow or later, tonight. Don’t worry.

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