“I Love Don Week” Day 4

Day 3 Banner

Gonna be quick, here. Day 3 and 4 were great and each day brought with is a new batch of desk decorations and, in fact, my co-workers made me a banner. A banner!!! Guess you could call it a “banner day.” Zing! With cleverness like that bottled up inside me, I need a blog for all my puns. Is “banner day” a pun?

Got some lottery tickets from the fam’ at home and won $4, which I’ll use to buy more lottery ticket scratch n’ wins. Cube neighbor C.S. bought me a pound of Tanzanian Peaberry beans from Chazzano Coffee (of Ferndale). Sooooo great.

Don’t forget the list. Not a ton getting scratched off. But I’m sure you’re just waiting for the perfect time to get me the perfect gift. I’m cool with that.

Day 4 = more new signs

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