Things I’m Doing: Started Another Blog; Getting Ready to Launch My Salsa Company

I took the week off from blogging about me because I started another blog to support the worldwide debut of my salsa. So, for those counting at home, yes …I have this blog you’re reading, spunkybean, I blog as a ghost for two clients, and now I have Donnie Jalapeno.

As you know, I’ve blogged a few times about my salsa. I’ve been perfecting the recipe and making this for years. And for years, people have ranted and raved about it. I’ve always been extremely flattered, and that was about it. But people have been so supportive, they’ve almost been relentless about insisting that I sell it.

So, now I am.

The results of the “name Don’s salsa company” are in, and I’m going with my original idea for a name …”Donnie Jalapeno’s Salsa.” Lots of reasons, but you’ll have to follow the Donnie Jalapeno blog for the unfolding story of Donnie Jalapeno. I think I’m still going to give somebody free salsa for life by way of a random drawing.

Whatever you do, don’t stop reading and checking this blog, however. I’m still going to update it daily.

And if you find yourself in the Stanwood, Michigan area, make sure you stop by the Tullymore Farmers Market this Saturday, sometime between 8am and 1pm, and buy some Donnie Jalapeno Salsa. I’ll be the guy in the sombrero.

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