Things I Love: People Who Love Great Coffee as Much As I Do

If you put yourself out there, sometimes people notice. I made a video for my buddy Matt about making multiple cups of coffee via an AeroPress, and then some random guy on YouTube responded to my video with a video of his own. In it, he shows how, even while camping, he manages to prepare magnificent coffee for his family. I hope the guy puts as much care and thought into, oh I don’t know …food. But …I gotta respect his coffee passion.

Here’s @jcwalton‘s video response to my AeroPress video. Mad respect for the man.

I know what you’re thinking …“this! is a blog entry!?!?! This is bull crap!” And I agree. I have much, much to share about the run-up to my salsa’s debut at a farmer’s market, back-to-school stuff, book writing, my trip to a coffee roaster in Dearborn, and a new blogging/writing gig. You’ll just have to sit their on pins and needles. If you’re bored, watch that coffee video again.

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