Things I Did: Sold Salsa at a Farmers Market

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday and I’m five days removed from my first ever salsa sales event at a farmers market in Michigan. Although just about everything was going against me having any sort of success, mostly the weather pretty much shutting down the farmers market, I still managed to sell salsa to just about everyone who tried it.

For me …wow. Random strangers trying some of my salsa and my salsa recipe and loving it. Loving …it!

Then, with almost a third of my salsa unsold, thanks to the power of Facebook (and a little big Twitter), I sold out the rest of my salsa by Tuesday and have some future orders waiting for my next batch.

What now? To follow the Donnie Jalapeno saga, make sure you bookmark Donnie Jalapeno Salsa, ‘Like’ Donnie Jalapeno on Facebook, and follow @DonnieJalapeno on Twitter.

So, I’m now a salsa magnate, and I’m also dropping my kids off at school again every morning. Seeing my little tikes in their crisp Catholic school uniforms dutifully heading into school after giving me a hug/kiss goodbye – that’s the best part of my day, every day.

I like fall and back-to-school. There’s something extremely comforting and soothing about strict routine. 7pm – wake the kids. 7:10 – make coffee, unload dishwasher, have breakfast. 7:30 – brush teeth, hair, pack backpacks/briefcase. 7:40 – leave for school.

Despite the routine, the routine always manages to be hectic and crazy, but still …it’s a routine and I function better with routine.

Time to make the salsa. Thanks for reading.

One Comment on “Things I Did: Sold Salsa at a Farmers Market

  1. I was wondering did you have to have some sort of legal paper or something to sell canned goods? I like to start my canned jelly, but I’m not sure where to start.

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