Challenging Myself

My good friend, N.G., recently laid down some “we can’t” and “we don’t have” and some other obstacles that I haven’t been able to get outta my head. Who says I can’t have a YouTube channel for myself, and another one completely devoted to my day job? Who says I can’t more aggressively use LinkedIn to prospect and find clients. Like, why can’t I post something like this on LinkedIn?

I’m looking for a clinic or Doctor who specializes in sleep disorders and sleep problems who would like to advertise. I have an idea for a very powerful ad campaign and this is important and very personal to me.

It’s honest. It’s real. I feel very strongly about the power of sleep and that it helps depression, anxiety, weight loss, productivity, and . . . well . . . everything. I struggled with sleep for almost two years. It was crushing my soul. In this era of glowing screens and always being “on” and connected, it feels like everyone has a sleep problem. An ad campaign that speaks to this common problem would be like a public service. Oh, and I feel very strongly about the power of radio when it’s done correctly.

Why couldn’t I post that on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook? Tell me?

Two gurus I love – Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuk. Seth Godin’s mantra (one of his mantras) is “pick yourself”. Meaning, stop waiting for someone to say, “hey, Don, you have permission to think outside the box and used LinkedIn for prospecting.” Or, “Don, you can make a YouTube channel and create a little video message for  your clients, targets, and prospects every Friday.” I’m just going to do it. Because I enjoy doing it. Mostly I post videos about coffee. Why not try something else? Right? And Gary Vaynerchuk says never stop hustling and he’s living proof that a person (me) should just trust their (my) gut and if I feel like a weekly video about radio and advertising, and a Podcast (“hey, Don, who’s going to listen to your Podcast?”), and some targeted Tweets and Snaps might be interesting, entertaining, or helpful . . . why not?

Pick myself. Pick yourself. Hustle. And it’s about time I write some more and flex my creative muscles.


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