Things I Love: Great Coffee

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting at a coffee shop run by the biggest coffee brand in the world (which I won’t mention by name) and thinking, “is this really the best coffee can taste? Burnt and acidic?” And with that question and caffeine coursing through my body, I vowed to figure out a better way to enjoy coffee.

*** Hey, you can brag about your life-changing moments, I’ll brag about mine.

I’d had some scattered “good coffee moments” in my life, like after a good meal at an expensive restaurant, and once while visiting a friend somewhere and he made us coffee in a French Press. I felt great shame for spending more than $2 on a cup of coffee at this big chain, and it wasn’t even good. Basically, I was paying $2 for convenience, and it wasn’t actually convenient. I regularly waited in line for the same amount of time it would take to brew an entire pot at home.

I won’t chronicle my entire coffee journey, here, but I soon discovered the Aeropress and that I actually think an Americano (hot water poured over a strong espresso) is far superior to any other cuppa joe, and I learned about Chazzano in Ferndale, run by a man who turned his passion into his livelihood, and in the process roasts the best beans anywhere in Detroit. Period. And no matter what type of coffee you like or your brewing method, he’ll make sure your tastebuds sing.

Sad as it may seem, part of my looking forward to a three day weekend is so that I can slow down and enjoy good coffee every morning. Slowly. Without rushing around getting ready for work and staying out of the way while my wife and kids scramble to get out the door and to school on time.

Some drink coffee for utility. To keep going. I actually enjoy it better when it makes me slow down. I hope you take a few moments this Labor Day weekend to slow down. Maybe enjoy a great cup of coffee. I’ll Tweet about my coffee all weekend, if that sounds interesting to you. I’m at @donkowalewski.

Speaking of Frank at Chazzano, you gotta watch this. Then, pay attention to his weekend hours (Friday, August 30: 7am-4pm; Sunday, September 1: 9am-6pm; Monday, Labor Day, September 2: 10am-3pm) and make  your way over there this weekend.

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