I Love Don Week: The List

Last night, one of the biggest fans of “I Love Don Week” was talking about how she feels horrible that this year hasn’t been special and she has almost zero ideas on what to get me. Usually, since this is day-6, I would’ve already gotten 5 or 6 awesome presents. But I know she’s probably just sandbagging and holding back, and tomorrow there will be a rock band on the front lawn and all sorts of presents and big surprises.

But just in case she really doesn’t have any ideas, and I know my Pinterest page is woefully outdated, here’s my 2013 “I Love Don Week” wish list.

  • Cast-iron flat griddle for my stove-top or outdoor grill
  • A few sessions or a punch-card to that “hot yoga” place in Birmingham
  • Take my mountain bike for a new tire and tune-up
  • Summer weight pajamas (see left, maybe pants-only)
  • Cologne
  • A cool summery shirt from J. Crew
  • Actually, anything from J. Crew
  • Umbro or Adidas soccer shorts
  • New indoor soccer shoes (sorta like my daughter has… that style …Adidas preferably)
  • Aeropress filters (available that kitchen store on south side of Somerset)
  • Coffee from Chazzano
  • Blonde brownies (even though I know cookies and milk are the worst things for my lungs)
  • Any baked goods (from friends, family, and/or neighbors)
  • Arrested Development Seasons 1, 2, and/or 3 on DVD
  • New small sized roller suitcase
  • Truffel salt or other cool spices from that spice shop in Birmingham
  • Exterior car detailing from Classic Restoration
  • Shallots and shells (even though I know those aren’t shallots)

With only 12 hours of shopping remaining, it’s probably best to stop the list there. Hopefully it gives you all some ideas …many have been asking.

Oh …the point. Every self-help CD and bit of audio I’ve been listening to recently says you have to make a list and clearly define your goals and what you want. Consider my birthday list a “practice list”. And now I’ll make a list like this for my job, then one for my writing, and then one for my spirituality and moral compass and I’ll be just as selfish when it comes to those lists.

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