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Random Stuff, Part 2: Humor Test

I saw two things yesterday that amused me. One of them much more amusing than the other. This is a test. Which of these do you find funnier? Both are funny. Don’t feel pressured. But I have a theory and want to know which… Continue Reading “Random Stuff, Part 2: Humor Test”


This is an irresponsible Blog post with only about 45% accurate information. Nonetheless, I’ll touch on three things… New words and phrases born of the global pandemic All remedies and prevention methods I’ve seen (and am employing) Creative things to do during quarantine New… Continue Reading “DAD STUFF, PART 3: WORD PLAY AND REMEDIES FOR QUARANTINE BOREDOM”

Writing Stuff, Part 1: Finally an Idea

Mark today on your calendar. Today is the day, after more than a decade of Blogging, that I’ve finally figured out what my Blog is gonna be and how I’m gonna organize it. I’m into stuff. So my Blog is going to be about… Continue Reading “Writing Stuff, Part 1: Finally an Idea”

Dad Stuff, Part 1: Eviction Notice

Welcome to a new category on the Blog …Dad Stuff. Ours is a house divided. How? Gender-specific bathrooms (I know …not very “woke”). However it happened, the girls (Mom, teen-daughter #1, and teen-daughter #2) have the upstairs, remodeled, pretty bathroom, and the boys (Dad… Continue Reading “Dad Stuff, Part 1: Eviction Notice”

Washing Machine, 3 Week Update

Remember how I was getting a new washing machine and was worried about (a) not having a center agitator, (b) having too many computerized features, and (c) getting a large capacity washer that would waste too much water? Remember? I’m here to tell you… Continue Reading “Washing Machine, 3 Week Update”

Plant-Based Don, 3 Week Update

Remember how I Blogged about being a vegetarian, but not really a vegetarian? Turns out, this idea wasn’t my own. Currently, two of the top things being searched are Google are “plant-based” and “intermittent fasting.” In fact, intermittent fasting was the #1 trend for… Continue Reading “Plant-Based Don, 3 Week Update”

Peak Misery

The thing is, I don’t feel miserable. But according to Dartmouth College’s Professor David Blanchflower, his research reveals that “47.2 years old is the moment of peak unhappiness in the developed world.” I look at this one of two ways. Either (a) I’m terribly… Continue Reading “Peak Misery”

Penmanship and Handwriting: A Link to My Past

My handwriting is deteriorating. Is this possible? I used to really like my own handwriting. I took great pride in it. It started long ago. If you’re a psychologist, maybe you can analyze this little factoid from my youth. Ready?  I had the best… Continue Reading “Penmanship and Handwriting: A Link to My Past”

Plant-Based Don

I’m going to write a book called Regular Guy Goes (Mostly) Vegetarian. It will be different than most books about being vegan or vegetarian because it will be written by a guy who’s been vegetarian for about, oh, 11 days. Also, this guy isn’t… Continue Reading “Plant-Based Don”

Am I Breaking Up with Adidas?

My shoe brand defines me. I can clearly pinpoint the start and end of my shoe brand eras. 1973-1981: Whatever Mom picked out 1981-1984: Kangaroos & Reeboks 1985-1991: The Nike Era begins 1985 – Canvas low-tops 1986 – Air Jordans (Georgetown Hoya edition) 1987… Continue Reading “Am I Breaking Up with Adidas?”