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Pictures with Santa

My wife decided years ago that every year, on the morning of Christmas Eve, we would get pictures with Santa. The city of Birmingham, Michigan has a lovely downtown, the loveliest that tax money and exorbitant rent can buy, and has a picturesque central… Continue Reading “Pictures with Santa”

Christmas List, Update

Only 5 more shopping days until Christmas but don’t worry. You don’t have to burn your lunch hour tomorrow to shop for me. You have a nice weekend perfectly situated days before Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Haven’t heard much from anyone as far… Continue Reading “Christmas List, Update”

Is There a Proper Way to Launder Your Clothes?

This week, when my 13-year-old daughter asked, “Dad? Will you do a load of laundry for me?”  I said to her, “do you want me to show you how to do laundry?” She said, “sure,” and so I showed her. My method is handed… Continue Reading “Is There a Proper Way to Launder Your Clothes?”

Weezer Stuff

There are better places on the Internet to get Weezer news, but why work that hard. Here, you’re reading stuff from a guy who was among the first ever to subscribe to their fan club newsletter back in 1993 when the newsletter was delivered… Continue Reading “Weezer Stuff”

Clean-Up, Aisle Website

If I’m going to be a Podcast star, an author, public speaker, and a screenwriter, I really need to up my Website and Blog game. I’m into coffee. Very specific coffee beans and very specific techniques. I don’t even have a drip coffee maker.… Continue Reading “Clean-Up, Aisle Website”

Burger Tour

My drinkin’ buddy and I have 15-year-old sons and we thought of a great idea. The kinda idea that only drinkin’ buddies can come up with. Is this idea to take our sons to art museums? To teach them how to change the oil in… Continue Reading “Burger Tour”

The 2019 Christmas List

The snow came early in Michigan, and so too will my Christmas list. Let’s get one thing straight …I don’t do this for me. I do it for you. I also do it because it annoys (and amuses) my wife. It helps my wife get me the… Continue Reading “The 2019 Christmas List”

Let’s Play Snow-Day or No-Snow-Day!

It’s time for everyone’s favorite new game show (queue snappy 70s disco music) … Snow-Day or No-Snow-Day!!! You all know how to play, but for those playing at home, here are the rules… First, you start to get texts from friends and co-Teachers (I’m… Continue Reading “Let’s Play Snow-Day or No-Snow-Day!”

Badass Leaf Blower

A category-5 hurricane has winds of 156 m.p.h. and up. My leafblower boasts 260 m.p.h power. I used to have a leaf blower I got at a garage sale and I don’t know how powerful that one was, but I can tell you …it… Continue Reading “Badass Leaf Blower”

I’m Co-Host of a Podcast: The Alpha Shift

Fact:  97% of the U.S. population has a Podcast Fact:  91% of the U.S. population has a YouTube Channel. And now those #s are 97.1% and 91.1% because I have a Podcast, too. Well, I’m co-host on my friend Dave’s Podcast, The Alpha Shift. Linked below… Continue Reading “I’m Co-Host of a Podcast: The Alpha Shift”