What’s the Deal with Borax?

Ever heard of Borax? Until a couple of months ago when my daughter needed it to make slime (the hottest thing with kids and girls 10 and under), I’d never heard of it. It’s a laundry detergent “booster” and it says add it to your load of laundry (and the laundry detergent you’re already using) and everything will be even cleaner (I’m paraphrasing). The box and their website also boast a dozen other great ways to use it (i.e. cleaning your bathroom, arts and crafts, and odor controls).

boraxSeems like a miracle product I should’ve been using for my whole life. It’s been around my entire life (I’m 44 years old). If a miracle like this exists on the earth, why ain’t I using it? Why didn’t my mom use it? Why didn’t my mother in law use it?

What’s the deal? Is it hype or heroic?

I started using Borax about a month ago and to my eyes, I swear my laundry looks better. I’ve done some research (reading Mommy Blogs, like Crunchy Betty) and most seem on board the Borax train (that sounded naughty). Yet there’s still some haters claiming it to be poison and cancer causing. I’m not listening to the haters.

I’m also not going to deliver a definitive answer here, but what do you say about Borax? I’m currently on board (a hundred Mommy Blogs can’t be wrong) the Borax train.

One Comment on “What’s the Deal with Borax?

  1. Why, I’ve been to the great 20 Mike team borax mines in death valley. I’ve never tried it myself, but the mines seemed filled with dirt, dust and sand, so I figured it must not work that well.

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