Corporate Shill

635743814308649228-IMG-4284Last year, the company I work for (and where I’ve worked for more than a decade) changed it’s name from Clear Channel to iHeartMEDIA. They did this because (my words) the coolest part of our company was the iHeartRADIO app and Clear Channel was tied to an old-radio term and had some P.R. issues. iHeart, on the otherhand, is cool because it has an “i” in front of it, which is the coolest letter that goes in front of things since the letter “e” used to go in front of everything. Like …what’s cooler? Reading an iBook or an eBook? I think we all know the answer.

Same with “radio.” Put an “i” in front of it and …whoa …cool. Oh, and I could’ve worn a Clear Channel sweatshirt or hat every day and nobody would’ve said anything about it. But now, when I wear my iHeart zip-up microfiber sweatshirt or hat (with a tightly rolled brim), teenagers and baristas notice and say “cool hat.”

Anyway, this article (by Jefferson Graham) and video (below) appeared in the The USA Today. I thought it was pretty cool. Yes. I work for the company. But I kinda like the stuff the company is doing and think regular old radio ain’t so “old” and is actually pretty cool.  And it’s not even an “argument” that I’m trying to say one thing is better than another …it’s just saying, just because something is mostly the same today as it was yesterday and ten years ago, it doesn’t make it dying or dead.

Basically …keep listening to FM (and AM radio) and use a radio or your smartphone and don’t be ashamed.

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