Brain Body Diet

Started reading this book, Brain Body Diet by Sara Gottfried, MD,  and quickly realize it was written by a woman for women, and yet, I know there’s got to be some good advice in here. I’m stubborn. I refuse to admit I’m reading a book for women and I’m simply going to leave the estrogen and lady-stuff on the side, and take the universal truths out of the book. For example, in the first steps fo the 40-day journey to a better brain and body, the steps toward success are (1) eat vegetables to lighten the load on your liver, (2) take brain botanicals like berberine and curcumin, (3) exercise to the point of sweating and heavy breathing, (4) detox your home environment, and (5) use supplements to begin reducing toxin levels in your body.

There’s a bunch more steps after that, but all five of those seem unisex and apply to everyone.

Happy to report after two days of intense power-walking, maybe it’s my imagination, but the things I was stressing about seem a little less stress-inducing.

Can a man wear yoga pants?

This book promises that in 40-days, I’m going to be transformed. We’ll see.

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