Order Your Donnie Jalapeno Salsa NOW!

My salsa is soooooo good, even when tomatoes and fresh vegetables aren’t in season, my Donnie Jalapeno salsa dominates taste buds. Remember the old days when you would have to order only when I was ready to make salsa? Well …things have changed. It’s 2018. Here’s how it works.

    1. Go to the Donnie Jalapeno “Order” Page.
    2. Click the “Order” button.


  1. Submit your order
  2. Arrange pick-up / drop-off

For those new to the Donnie Jalapeno cult, know this …I have the worst business model of all time. I can’t figure out any way to guarantee the freshness by canning it or adding preservatives, so for the time being, I will make it fresh to order. Like pizza (I mean, except for frozen pizza).

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