Recipe: Donnie Jalapeno Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros is a classic Mexican breakfast, but I think it can be lunch or dinner, too. Traditionally, it’s two fried-eggs smothered in salsa poured onto a tortilla. Oh, and I know scrambled eggs with salsa is technically Huevos a la Mexicana, but does anyone really know that? I’m just gonna call it Huevos Rancheros (and if you want to add “con Carne” to indicate there’s meat). Crap. So I guess this recipe is really Huevos a al Mexicana con Carne, but I really just wanna call it Huevos Rancheros.

Here’s how I do it.

  • (2) eggs
  • 1/2 Cup browned ground beef or turkey (add a few sprinkles of taco seasoning if you like, but it’s not necessary)
  • (3) Tablespoons of Donnie Jalapeno Salsa

I don’t use a tortilla. Who needs those carbs? For more recipes, click here.

Step 1: Put pre-cooked meat in a pan and heat for a minute or two over medium heat

Step 2: Add (3) Tbls of Donnie Jalapeno Salsa and keep everything over medium heat for another minute or two

Step 3: Add (2) eggs. If you want them friend and runny, move the meat/salsa mix to the side and let the eggs sit right on the pan’s surface. I personally scramble mine right into the meat/salsa mix.

Step 4: Cook until the eggs are all fully cooked. Slide onto a plate.

Pro Tips:

  • brown a pound of ground beef (or turkey) on Sunday night (with a little taco seasoning) so you can quickly make this during the week
  • make double or triple this recipe and save the leftovers for another helping that can be easily microwaved (but it takes away from the freshness of the salsa)

Voila! Lunch is served.

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