I Want Stuff, Part 2: I Have a $100 Visa Gift Card

Am I the only 47-year-old man that goes into a tailspin when he’s given (or wins …ahem …yes, I won!!!) a $100 Visa Gift Card? It’s like gold. It’s found (won) money that can’t be deposited into a bank. It can’t be invested. It must be spent. But how should it be spent?

Immediately my mind goes to the question, “what have I wanted for a while but really isn’t worth the money?”  Things like replacing the shattered screen on my iPad? A new Peter Grimm hat? Maybe new bedsheets as a little surprise to my wife and I …been thinking about going with bamboo-based sheets. Or do I treat the family to a movie (Mulan on Disney+) and dinner (Thai food …yum)? Or maybe I just give the $100 to my wife and say, “apply this to groceries,” because it hasn’t been the best year financially?  I need some new eye serum moisturizer …the stuff I like isn’t cheap and I probably don’t need to spend that much on wrinkle-reducer for my forehead and, let’s be honest, none of it probably works, anyway.  Or do I save it and give it as a gift to someone …maybe my daughter for her Spring Break and a reward for a hugely successful high-school career? $100 would mean much more to her, right? Sure would make me a great father for a few minutes.

The choices and options are endless. That’s why I keep a list, actually, of stuff I want, where I recently added a salad spinner, knife sharpening steel, and the bamboo sheets. Just think about it …we spend 1/3rd of our lives sleeping …why not make it heavenly?

And think about this …what if I just save it …set it aside, and wait for a few more Visa Gift Cards and then combine them for a BIG purchase (new lawnmower? new iPad Mini? new tires for the Jeep)

Does this say I’m indecisive? Does it say I’m vain and materialistic? Does it say I’m greedy? Honestly, if you’re a psychologist and reading this, what does this say about me?

I guess what I’m asking is this …what would YOU do if you won (did I mention I “won” this …in a competition …sorry to brag) a $100 Visa Gift Card?

No matter what it says about me and my personality (flaws), it’s fun, anyway.

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