Project 47, Part 4: Making Good Use of My Time

In an attempt to make my day as efficient as possible, I’m starting to run the stopwatch on everything I do.

  • Shave, 3.5 minutes
  • Shower, 4 minutes
  • Write This Blog Entry, 6 minutes
  • Journal, 5 Minutes
  • 47 Push-Ups, 2.5 Minutes (hoping this gets better)

This is the next thing I’m going to use to change my life …employing maximum effort in the most efficient way in bursts and sprints to get more done. This time-everything approach will reprogram my approach to life and hopefully eliminate procrastination.

Then I’ll write a book on it.  I’ll call it, “Time to Control Your Life,” or, “Perfect Timing on Life.”  It will become a movement …people will start to time everything they do and we’ll start to realize how much we can do in 5-minutes and 7-minutes and I’ll go on a speaking tour about the collosal waste of time that social media is, yet doesn’t have to be.  I’ll have chapters on saving time and making time and lecturing people about how little time they actually have in life.

Would you read that book? How many minutes a day would you spend reading for self improvement?

One Comment on “Project 47, Part 4: Making Good Use of My Time

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