What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up?

health-love-work-funI don’t wanna be a guru, unless you ask me for advice.

I don’t wanna be a life-coach, unless you ask me for a little guidance.

I don’t wanna be a stand-up comedian, but I sure like making people laugh and feel happy.

I don’t wanna be the highest billing sales person on my staff, but I definitely want people to want to, and like to, work with me.

I don’t wanna be a best selling author, but I want to assemble my eulogies, toasts, and stories int a book that can be a family history, of sorts.

I don’t wanna be a salsa mogul, but if you look back at my third point, you’ll see I like making people happy – and my Donnie Jalapeno Salsa is that good.

I love gurus. I used to write for a few of them. I want to write for them again. I wouldn’t mind being the man-behind-the-scenes. I really would like that. That’s a goal, right?

Here’s one of my favorites – Mel Robbins – and I hope you’ll watch her 2 1/2 minutes and then download the Best Year Ever manual.

Here’s Mel’s invitation to you and what she’s doing.

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