Things I Do: Write

I’ve been talking alot (though in code) about my “new job”, but haven’t mentioned my lungs, my hobbies, or my side-jobs much lately. Rest assured, I’m still writing and have two, consistent, on-going clients, plus some requests for some side articles in various niches.

I really like writing. I miss writing about TV over at spunkybean, but writing is writing. Yes, I want to finish my book about hunting a great white whale in the 1800s, a novel I think is long overdue …but mainly, I like writing and doing it to delight my clients and their audience.

Mornings like this, a 50-degree morning in Michigan with the sun shining, are beautiful rewards for the other hours I spend in cell-like hotel rooms or at a cluttered desk in my bedroom at midnight. It’s gorgeous – and inspiring. And a hot cuppa coffee makes the words just flow from my Macbook.

I woke up at 6 a.m., read a couple articles about the Tigers’s 17-2 victory, and then spent 1 1/2 hours writing for Oakland-Macomb OBGYN about subjects as varied as a Medical Outreach Team in Africa, Infertility Awareness, Da Vinci Surgery, and more.

As I always say, there’s quite a bit of emphasis placed on SEO and making blog entries perfect so people discover them while searching, but I think it’s much more important to have content. Real …readable …interesting …content. I can never guarantee something will grow virally, but if you’re a business or  a brand, my guess is you struggle at times coming up with articles, interesting quotes, or …well …something worth reading. That’s where I come in. I listen to you, I ask you for pictures, and articles, and I write your social media story and then when you go to parties or conventions, everyone says, “OMG, I love your blog and your Facebook.”

And that’s really why I write what I write for people. Do you know somebody who needs piping hot, fresh content? I’d love to talk to them.

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