Things I Did: Got Ready for Spring


Some people see spring chores as “chores” and it bothers them. I see them as an annual rite of passage. So this weekend when I mowed for the second time, plucked every Dandelion from the lawn, edged, and then cleaned and seasoned my grill on a perfect 65-degree sunny day …I felt a great sense of peace. Like, ahhhhhh …spring has arrived.

Last summer, I parted with my high-school class ring at a “gold party” and bought myself a six-burner grill with cast-iron grates and ….wow …what a great summer of grilling (and fall and winter, for that matter). Now, the true testament to a man’s grilling prowess is how he takes care of his grill and I cleaned every little part, scrubbed the cast-iron grates, and now I’m seasoning them.

Tonight I’ll kick-off spring with some fancy chicken thingies my wife bought at the corner gourmet market.

How did I season the grates? Easy …

1. Brush them off with a plastic bristle brush.

2. Clean them with dish soap and water and a plastic bristle kitchen brush.

3. Rinse with clean water.

4. Dry with paper towel and then dry further in an oven set at, oh, 250-degrees.

5. Spread vegetable shortening all over them with a paper towel (I use original Crisco).

6. Bake the Crisco covered grates in your oven at 250-degrees for, oh, about 20-30 minutes.

I probably do this 2 or 3 times each summer, but doing it right before the big grilling season starts is key.

Happy grilling. Hock that class ring and get yo’ self a badass grill.

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