Things I Wonder: Am I Among the Top 1%?

Am I among the very elite at any particular thing? Are you? Aren’t we all trying to be elite at something? Or is it enough for most of us to be very good? Is it ‘OK’ to be ‘OK’.

As I’ve reflected recently, I’ll never be the best point guard in the NBA. I’ll never be the fastest man alive. I’ll never be considered the world’s foremost authority on wine.

So why bother?

Seth Godin keeps pointing out, over and over again, that the world has changed and you can create your own tribe. So, maybe I’m not the most brilliant mind in writing, social media, or marketing. But I’ve begun forming a tribe and in this tribe, I’m very close to being #1. I’m not the worlds greatest husband or father, I can assure you, but in the world where people call me “husband” and “dad”, I’m aiming to stay on top of the rankings (currently ranked #1).

The point is, while there might be an elite 1% in any given discipline, endeavor, profession, or field, not everyone needs the top guy. There’s an entire world filled with the 99% of the rest of us who should find each other and “wow” each other.

And if you do things with an eye on greatness, never sacrificing quality, never missing deadlines, and always following through, who’s to say you’re not “elite”?

Start being an elitist. Start acting like you’re the very best as what you do. Keep doing it and, chances are, you just might be.

What do you do at an elite level? I think I’m among the best at Tweeting about what I’m eating and what I’m doing at random times. Seriously, follow me @donkowalewski and you’ll see …nobody is a bigger expert on myself than I am.


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