Things I Think: Unbecoming Who I Are

I love Facebook. Anyone who knows me knows that. In fact, I’m dangerously close to a reality where, if you don’t know me on Facebook, you probably don’t know me. It’s like, if you ask me, “what’s up?” and you don’t know about my running jokes and my interest in soccer, writing, American Idol, my hair, and vanity license plates, well, you obviously haven’t done your homework and you’re actually just asking me about myself for your health.

I’m kidding. Sort of.

But what I also like about Facebook is how people post inspiring pictures of kittens, mountains, children, Jesus, or kittens with Jesus and each has an uplifting, motivating message. It’s like a constant source of cool quotes and good thoughts. Then my friend Lisa felt inspired to publish this photo (top/left) to her timeline and I was like, “um, no …I learned who I was back in college and now I’ve spent nearly 20 years trying to un-become who I are.”

I am a guy who likes to sleep about, oh, 18 hours each day, play video games during his waking hours, eat cookies …always. Like, live on cookies and throw in the occasional multivitamin so I’m getting some vegetables. I’m a guy who likes to watch TV while waking and dozing for those 18 hours. Why 18 hours? Because everyone knows when you sleep in front of the TV on your couch, you’re not getting “good sleep” so you need more of it. I learned 18 hours of “couch/TV sleep” was about the equivalent of 7 hours of darkness/night time sleep.

“Who I are” lived 30 pounds overweight. “Who I are” learned to live on $20 a week that my parents gave me. “Who I are” bailed on commitments. “Who I are” wasn’t nice to all people and sorta, ahem, wasn’t respectful to my parents.

So, what I’m saying is …without a filter and without constantly striving to NOT BECOME who I are, I’ve managed to stay employed, keep a wife, and convince everyone I’m able to raise three children.

“Who I are” is a sail boat without someone constantly holding the rutter and the sheets (those are the ropes that hold the sail in place). Thank goodness for everyone holding the sheets, the rutter, and keeping me afloat.

Not sure why I jumped all over this little tidbit of Facebook wisdom, but I just want people to understand …don’t become who you are. Become who you want to be.

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