Things I Don’t Do: Need to Become ‘Things I Do’

The categories on this blog are as random as the posts and the fleeting thoughts in my head. Too often, a fleeting thought becomes a fleeting action-item which goes onto my to-do list, and then somewhere along the line, it drops off the to-do list or doesn’t transfer from one to-do list to another, and I trick myself into forgetting I was going to do something.

Lucky for me, from time to time inspiration enters my life in the form of friends, mentors, peers, or just some form of debt I’m about to incur because I put the cart before the horse. Like, book a trip to Hawaii for example and then wake up one night realizing, “hey, I can’t pay for that,” and see how your mind races to invent a revenue stream.

At least that’s how I tend to operate.

Today, enter an email from awesome person Rochelle the “Write Now Coach” who’s launching a NaNoWriMo Camp or something this summer for would-be book writers. I’m gonna write a book. I did, recently, actually, and it wasn’t as difficult as I had feared …there’s that word …”fear.” I’m not saying the book was any good (though two friends did actually buy it and read it and say it was “good” and “funny” …so that’s some positive feedback).

Anyway, back to Rochelle. Got an email from her today and she’s doing this, and I’m going to do it, too. NaNoWriMo is short for “National Novel Writing Month” and usually happens in November, but it turns out they want to extend the brand. Slick.

Rochelle’s action-item list in brief looks like this:

1. Choose a project (I’ve chosen THREE projects, mostly because I’ve been putting them off for months)

2. Decide on a word count (each of mine will be around 20,000 each)

3. Choose a cue (mine will be a 5 a.m. cup of Aeropressed coffee)

4. Get rewards (still figuring it out)

5. Get support (it will be my peers at spunkybean, Rochelle, and all the awesome ppl on Twitter with me).

Who’s with me? Check out the links above and get inspired. Oh, and don’t rely on my exclusively because, if you know me, you’ll know this motivation may last only as long as the caffeine from this Americano allows. I can’t recommend this enough …whether you are a writer, painter, or photographer …it’s all art. Rochelle taps into “creativity” and “inspiration” which looks and smells about the same in all artistic endeavors.

Good luck.

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