Things I Did: Guest Blogged at MomRunsHalf

If you came here looking for something funny, inspiring, or relating to One Direction, you’ll have to check back tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m going to introduce the concept of a “Fight Club Resume.” Oh …make no mistake. You’ll want to check back and see what I mean by that.

For today, however, I’m going to redirect you and ask you to read my sister’s blog, MomRunsHalf, because I wrote a guest post for her (only two weeks too late) and she posted it. I’m flattered.

“Ask yourself, what’s in my way? And then walk around it.”  -Me

It’s a tale I’ve told a hundred times, but it bears repeating. I’ve seen the lowest low, and I forget how lucky I am despite a few set-backs. What I try to explain on that blog is that “fear” isn’t really what holds us back, it’s just something we make up as an excuse for not doing something. As I blogged about last week, a dream of “playing point-guard in the NBA” isn’t a real dream for a 40-year-old guy like me who stands all of 5’5″. Sitting around being sad about the fact I’ll never play point-guard in the NBA is just stupid. Because I’m not honestly defining my dream. I need to make my dream a “goal.” It’s not that I actually want to play point-guard in the NBA, but that I love and want to play basketball. Period. I could coach. I could join a rec league. I could go to the open gym by my house every Tuesday or the open gym at my kids’s school and play pick-up basketball.

It bears repeating …are you dreaming too big just so you can convince yourself your dream is impossible?

I want to be best-selling author = I want to write and I have a story to tell.

I want to be a chef at the hottest restaurant in New York = I want to cook.

I could keep listing things. Our “dreams” might or might not come true. But we can achieve all our “goals.” We can “do anything” we want. Play basketball. Write. Cook. Play guitar.

Again, my story is on full display at MomRunsHalf. Please read it and tell me what you think. And check back to my sister’s blog every now and again, because she’s interesting, has recipes and stuff, and auditions all sorts of running and exercise products.

You can always reach me on Twitter, because I love Twitter like a member of my family. I’m @donkowalewski. ‘Follow’ me. I’ll follow you back.

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