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Reviewin’ Dollar Shave Club

I guess it’s about time I weigh in on my initial thoughts on Dollar Shave Club. Recall, for I Love Don Week, I joined the club and my first set of four razors arrived on July 10th and I started right away. Some people (namely K.C.) said… Continue Reading “Reviewin’ Dollar Shave Club”

I Love Don Week, Recap

At work, we set goals, we launch initiatives, we have budgets and we work to make them happen. After a time, we review and assess performance. I Love Don Week should be treated the same. Let’s look at the good and the bad and next… Continue Reading “I Love Don Week, Recap”

I Love Don Week, Part 2

Day 5 (or was yesterday Day 4?) was a fantastic success. It took nearly 3 1/2 hours, but the desk is complete and it’s glorious. I can just picture myself sitting there writing my collections of short stories into a book about growing up… Continue Reading “I Love Don Week, Part 2”