Vortex Pins: Sunflour Bakery

I discovered this place on Fat Tuesday and trust me when I say, though their Pazckis are the best I’ve had in years, that’s only a small part of what makes this place special.

Do yourself a favor. Stop into Sunflour Bakehaus on your way home from work on a Friday and grab a coffee cake for Saturday morning. Trust me. Your whole family is going to have a better weekend when it gets started with these fresh baked delights.

Or pick up a loaf of bread and have them cut it thick for the best French Toast you’ve ever had. Or, heck, just toast the bread (and maybe sprinkle on some cinnamon).

For 70 years, Sunflour has been treating Farmington to, well, treats. But don’t let “70 years” scare you, they’er completely on board with gluten free, whole grains and whole wheats, and carb free …um, OK. It’s bread. Scratch that “carb free” thing.

It’s a perfect blend of a modern bakery mixed in with traditional favorites. It’s charming. And they’re stuff is fresh – like, baked this morning. You can taste the difference. You can smell the difference. When’s the last time you walked into a large grocery chain and smelled something baking and salivated? Happens here, daily.

What’s that they say …think global, buy local? I have another saying I’m fond of …if you’re going to eat, put great food in your mouth.

Ahem, I’m working on it. That wouldn’t sell T-shirts. But we’re not talking about T-shirts, we’re talking about cakes, bread, and baked goodies and Sunflour’s got it.


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