There’s No Place Like Home (for the holidays?). Win a $100 EyeToons Card.

Note: This is NOT a real blog entry and NOT a real company. This is just a pretend blog entry written for someone else – written for one of my writing clients. I’m NOT giving away a $100 of anything.

Have you noticed there are fewer and fewer days remaining in November? It won’t stop. It’s inevitable. December will be here before you know it and cold weather will come along with it.

The only good thing about cold weather is that it gives us a great reason to light a fire, flick on the gas longs, put on a robe, have a cup of cocoa, and don the fuzzy bunny slippers. You have fuzzy bunny slippers, right? Well …slippers are slippers and warming your feet in front of the fire is one of the great things about winter.

At Zenith Homes, cozy fireplaces come standard.

So, let’s see your cozy fireplace and your cozy slippers. Send us your best cozy fireplace shot featuring your cozy slippers and  you’ll be entered to win a $100 EyeTunes card from Zenith Homes. Bonus points if you work a cup of cocoa into the shot. Have fun. Stay warm.


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