Vortex Pins: Farmington Civic

Ever notice how taking your kids to the movies gets more expensive with every new blockbuster and the popcorn sucks? Well not at Farmington’s Civic Theater located in charming downtown Farmington.

This is everything you remember and your parents remember about going to the movies, and while some things have definitely changed, some things have stayed the same. The tickets are sold at a ticket window. The popcorn is popped fresh – you can see it, hear it, and smell it. And you won’t be able to resist it.

There are two screens showing movies, and while the tall seat backs in the main theater bring back a rush of memories (of sitting up in the front row at a movie theater when that actually meant something, and the tall seats could keep you hidden from your parents sitting a few rows back), the modern movie visuals have not been sacrificed.

As I tell people, this theater is run by movie buffs who remember when “going to the movies” was an event, but they aren’t about to scrimp on sound and screen quality.

Or popcorn quality. Did I mention the popcorn is great?

Will you be able to check-out the Captain America sequel this weekend? No. But give it a few weeks, and if your schedule and your 9-year-old’s schedule didn’t let you make it opening weekend to the 148 screen mega movie plex, or maybe you just didn’t want to shell out $12 for each ticket, take a deep breath (without going deep into your pockets and bank account), and hit up the Farmington Civic.

Enjoy the show.



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