Things I Will Do: Balance My 2014

The worst thing about having a blog, which I’ve had now for about 10 years, is you can’t hide from anything you’ve said or boldly proclaimed. I’m lucky, for the most part, only about a dozen people read my blog, so it’s not like I’m letting too many people down.
However, I know the proclamations I’ve made. I know the bold promises I put into writing. I know the absolutes I laid down and with all those proclamations, promises, and personal ultimatums, I’m embarrassingly aware of the failures.
Yes, the accomplishments are things I’m proud of, but the times I missed the mark keep me up at night.
So, am I saying people shouldn’t make too many resolutions and start too many initiatives? Like, should I say in 2014 I resolve to start running again, run at least three 5Ks, get my weight back to 160 pounds, write for an hour each day, finish my book on love/dating/relationships based on lessons learned in the bachelor (and can that be done within the 1-hour per day?), exceed expectations at work (work very hard, fast, and smart from 7:30-5:15pm every day!), develop $xxx,xxx in direct new business, find at least 4 opportunities to speak publicly, coach soccer, play soccer (once I get back to running), take piano lessons, add at least two writing clients to my resume …whoa!
Ever see a recipe for failure? Add 1-cup sugar to the list above, and you’ll see failure never tasted so sweet.
How do I attack 2014? What can I do and what can’t I do? Because I didn’t even list some other stuff in there. Like “read 1 book each month” and “do something special one night each week with each of my kids” (I added that because sometimes I feel so busy, I think I’m not connecting with them). Oh, and there’s that wife of mine I love more than anything in the world. Where do I schedule time with her?
Scott Westerman recently put together some of his best blog entries in a book called The Spartan Life 2 which he stresses, again and again, stay in control and tackle every aspect of your life with joy and passion, and you’ll be on the right path. He continually talks about not working too hard (at work, I assume), having courage to express your feelings, and take care of your body. He also talks about properly identifying your life’s passion.
But here’s my question …when you’ve identified that passion, can you live that passion while, say, delivering the mail? Driving a truck? Bagging groceries?
Can you have cake and eat it? Can you have pie, too?
My 2014 is going to be a like really sensible diet, I think. I’m going to approach the year, metaphorically, like a day’s worth of really healthy meals. I’ll trust that, if I eat three healthy sensible meals each day, I’ll be able to fit in some snack food without feeling guilty. I’ll be able to eat gluttonously while on vacation, maybe.
Like a menu or diet plan, my 2014 will be a work in progress. I’ll adapt as I see certain things working, and maybe sometimes I’ll even eliminate things from my diet.
How long is your list of resolutions and plans for 2014? Is it realistic?
BTW, you simply must follow @MSUScottW because he’s a constant source of inspiration, interesting links, and food for thought – oh, and Michigan State related stuff. And you can follow me at @donkowalewski and mostly you’ll learn about what I’m eating for lunch and stuff, but sometimes I share some tasty nuggets.
Here’s to a great 2014.

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