Things I Will Do: Have Faith

Roy Williams, The Wizard of AdsAs I mentioned yesterday, this past weekend I decided to pick-up Scott Westerman‘s The Spartan Life 2 and read it again. But this time …really read it. And then blog about it. Why? It goes back to that old adage that you should think about a thing, then write it down, and then revisit it again and again. There’s some crazy high percentage that says people who write things down, their goals, dreams, etc …are much more likely to achieve those things.

Another favorite of mine is anything written by Roy Williams, aka The Wizard of Ads. His Monday Morning Memo “blog entry” (even though I think he shuns the idea of a ‘blog’) from this week mentioned “faith.” It’s like someone is trying to tell me something.

Have faith. Be faithful. Trust in faith.

This probably breaks some sort of blogging law, but I could’ve truly copied/pasted Roy Williams’s entire Monday Morning Memo, from yesterday.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for. Happy endings are made of it.

Faith is the evidence of things not seen. It is proof of the invisible.

Hope is optimistic expectation.

Faith is hope with its sleeves rolled up.

Faith is hope wearing working gloves.

Faith is hope yanking the ripcord of a chainsaw.

Faith is hope with a hammer in its hand.

Faith speaks of that which is not yet as though it already were.

Faith requires commitment.

Faith requires commitment and commitment is a choice. It’s not something that arises within you like courage. It’s not something that comes upon you like fear. Commitment is simply a choice.

Isn’t that beautiful?

That word …”faith” was also a main theme in the opening chapters of Scott’s book. And he was quick to point out, “faith” doesn’t necessarily mean religion, but he says “faith” is the most powerful version of belief – I’m paraphrasing him a bit, or maybe I’m telling you how I interpreted his words.

Belief in self. Belief in ones gifts. Belief in ones own voice. Belief, as Seth Godin often calls it, in ones “art” – that thing we do and we love doing it.

I had faith 2013 was going to be an adventure – and it was. Now, I have faith, with the lessons learned in 2013, I will make 2014 a great year. The best year of my life.

I’ll tweet about my best year, and I hope you’ll Tweet at me and mention me as you create your best year ever and I have faith that you will. Oh, I’m on Twitter at @donkowalewski.

Hit it, Mr. Joel!!!

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