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Things I Think: High-Minded and Lowered Expectations

This morning I read articles about staying organized and on task, about attitudes towards advertising in 2012 compared to the ’80s and ’90s, about longevity, and about exercising. I reTweeted and shared them on Facebook. I left a few comments on those articles. I’m… Continue Reading “Things I Think: High-Minded and Lowered Expectations”

Things I Think:

I’ve often heard that a writer should read as much as he writes. I usually take this to mean a writer should we well versed in the works of Dickens, Chaucer, Twain, and various other standards. That would be classy, sure. And it would… Continue Reading “Things I Think:”

Things I Think: Random Things

I know the musical group Florence + The Machine is popular, but I don’t get it. This is the latest group I don’t understand. They’ve been added to a list with Radiohead. Everyone loves them, and yet I can’t force myself to enjoy listening… Continue Reading “Things I Think: Random Things”

Things I Think: I’m a Jinx, I Have a Lucky Hat, and I Have an Unlucky Hat

I’m at a real crossroads in my life. My son just turned seven and I love that he loves the things I love. He has a very kind heart and he wants to make me proud. I know, most sons are probably the exact… Continue Reading “Things I Think: I’m a Jinx, I Have a Lucky Hat, and I Have an Unlucky Hat”

Things I Think: Why Blogs Fail

Why does anything fail? We have big, grand ideas and right at first, we get all kinds of crazy awesome feedback. “Your blog is hilarious!” a friend might say. 12 people ‘Like’ it. We write 4 posts in five days and we learn about… Continue Reading “Things I Think: Why Blogs Fail”