Things I Think: High-Minded and Lowered Expectations

This morning I read articles about staying organized and on task, about attitudes towards advertising in 2012 compared to the ’80s and ’90s, about longevity, and about exercising. I reTweeted and shared them on Facebook. I left a few comments on those articles.

I’m engaged and constantly bombarding my brain with lessons and motivation I believe will make me a better, more organized, and effective person. I strive to strike a balance between work, family, friends, hobbies, leisure, fitness, and spirituality. I want to write a best selling novel …and a screenplay …and still do all my writing and social media work. I want to eat healthy. I want to take a walk but maximize the time I spend walking maybe by downloading a podcast, or good music. Or maybe I’ll just listen to NPR to be current.

I need to sleep more. I need to volunteer more. I have two soccer teams I need to coach and think about. I have a honey-do list that needs tending. I still haven’t put the glass in my front door and the screen door is still there. That screen needs fixing. My son just woke up and I selfishly encouraged him to go watch some TV so I could finish reading about things so I could better write about things. And then a read about a guy who just lost his Grandmother and he speaks glowingly about how she, and his father, always made time for family and gave great advice, and here I sit assuming my son is watching Pokemon – and do I really want him watching Pokemon? I will definitely stress out a little all day long thinking about the book chapters I need to finish and deliver, and the blog entries, Facebook updates, and Tweets I need to send for my clients and I’ll kick myself for not making better use of my time this morning.

All I really want to do is write a funny, charming blog entry about my 3rd grade girls soccer team. Crap! I didn’t shoot any video at Friday’s game. The longer I have my flip-cam, the better I get at using it, and I’ve really figured out what makes a compelling memory and bit of video …and I forever want to capture the spirit and joy of coaching my girls.

I would probably get more done if i exercised and slept better. I was supposed to call a friend last night. I should call my brother – I haven’t talked to him in a while. I should’ve have closed my laptop at 10 o’clock last night after 2 1/2 hours of writing and declared, “it’s ‘me time'” and watched a movie, right? High achievers never do that, right? But they must, because the people I consider high-achievers always seem to be quoting great literature or lines from great movies, so somehow they achieve great things while still engaging in enriching and personally satisfying leisure activities.

How do awesome people do it? Have you ever wondered this? Sure,  I can sit here and write about all these things and give the appearance that, hey, I’ve got …it …all …under …control. Is that the illusion I’m buying into when others appear to have it all under control?

I’m hoping that most people don’t actually have it all under control, and Facebook and Twitter, and blogs, make it possible for us to create this outward appearance and image that, yes, we do have it all under control and nanner, nanner, nanner …you don’t.

For the record, I don’t. I just fake it really, really well.

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