Things I Think: Random Things

I know the musical group Florence + The Machine is popular, but I don’t get it. This is the latest group I don’t understand. They’ve been added to a list with Radiohead. Everyone loves them, and yet I can’t force myself to enjoy listening to them. When I listen to their CDs, my mind wanders and I don’t hear anything. This must be what it was like to be pushing 40 when rock n’ roll music was invented – it just doesn’t make sense.

If Herman Cain becomes the Rebuplican Presidential nominee, and you still have a McCain/Palin bumper sticker on your car, you can cleverly cover up some letters and have a ready-made “Cain” bumper sticker. And Herman Cain would be smart to pick a running mate with some combination of the letters p-a-l-i-n and then sell a McCain/Palin bumper-sticker-upgrade kit. Oh, wait …I’m going to create the McCain bumper sticker upgrade kit.

Winter! It’ll be here soon. I’ve always been a big believer in winter, and I have oft proclaimed that I’d never live in a place without snow, without drastic seasons, and without the rejuvenating qualities that come with below zero temps and massive amounts of road salt. But I’m pushing 40, and these past two winters seemed to last forever and I might be changing my tune. I’m thinking more and more like Utah might be cool. It’s sorta west, it’s mostly moderate, and if I want snow, I can drive a few hours and enjoy really expensive and scenic snow …versus the blackish-grey stuff that snow becomes after a few days of being plowed, salted, driven on, and polluted.

Beavis & Butthead is back. It won’t be funny, right? But hey …good for Mike Judge. If MTV will pay him, more power to him.

Anyone out there thinking about their Christmas list? Ya know, before you know it, your local radio station will be playing Christmas music 24/7 and your kids will demand that you put that station on, the stores have already started putting out Christmas decorations, and you’ll be stuck making your list based on what advertisers say you should want. It’s true …men might have all sorts of great ideas in September or October, but some November and December and if you ask them what they want, they’ll all say “a tool set and a ShopVac.” That darn media. On my previous blogs, I was always very public with my Christmas wish-lists, but on my new blog …it’s going to be even bigger and better! I’m going to have begging/pleading videos, I’m going to take pictures of myself in stores enjoying the store display so that my gift-givers will see how happy they would make me with said gift. I’m saying …check back often …the Christmas wish-list goes public on November 1st.

Speaking of Christmas, I’m starting to see and hear people refer to fellow Justin Beiber fans as “true Beliebers” and its all stemming from his new song, “Mistletoe” and these people Tweet and post things like “Merry Christmas to the Beliebers.” OK …so now I’m completely on board with the concept of a war on Christmas. This must be stopped.

That’s all I have for this Wednesday. Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog, to bookmark the Donnie Jalapeno blog, and speaking of Donnie Jalapeno, get your weekend salsa orders in. Today!

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