Be a Beacon

This morning, I sat through a fascinating lecture by Bob Kernan of jacapps (an app developer) and I sorta made a spectacle of myself during the Q&A (I swore I would play it low-key). That’s not really the point of this blog. You know why I blog, right? Because I think my blog can be a place to pull little lessons about life from the little moments in our life. Maybe I’m blogging just for me. But maybe you like it, too.

OK. So after the lecture, I got into a nice, long conversation with a former co-worker who I haven’t talked to in ages (but she complimented me on how thin and healthy I look, so of course I wanted to talk with her more just in case she had more nice things to say about me). I’m joking. I talked with her because it was nice to reminisce and I wanted to hear what she was doing, these days. She had quite a tale to tell.

The lesson for myself I took from it was (a) smile, (b) go into a room with a positive attitude, and (c) be grateful. Be in the moment. Every person in that room was a competitor with everyone else, but take away our business cards, and you quickly realize we’re all mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, friends, members of our Church, volunteer coaches, and hundreds of other every day, normal things.

I put on my Uncle Jerry hat (recall he’s the guy that made everyone in his life feel like #1), and suddenly the meeting was better, as was the conversation afterward.

The lesson is, we should all keep living and doing the promises we made to ourselves the last time something inspiring happened to us. Like, for me, it was when my Uncle Jerry died earlier this year. I told myself, when I’m stressed and knee deep in the drudgery, I really do need to take a deep breath and realize . . . hey . . . I just took a deep breath. I’m alive. I woke up on this side of the earth/ground. I can choose to be negative, gossipy, and think about all the ways everyone around me is an idiot or a jackass, or I can choose to be the opposite of those things.

Part of the lecture was about beacons that track your phone via Bluetooth. Basically, when you walk in range of a beacon, it spots you and starts talking to you. But all my co-worker (L.R.) could think about was the song You Can’t Be A Beacon, If Your Light Don’t Shine and while it might seem silly, I’d never heard the song before and it perfectly captured my mood and why I try to make every conversation, every meeting, and every opportunity something interesting and useful.

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