A Weekend Thought on Happiness


I went into the weekend with a plan. Here’s that plan.

  1. Wake up early and exercise hard.
  2. Enjoy coffee after the workout.
  3. Make breakfast for my kids.
  4. Clean the kitchen.
  5. Straighten up the house.
  6. Work on a “green screen” with my son.
  7. Get the Christmas tubs down so put Christmas into storage.
  8. Have a meatloaf sandwich for lunch.
  9. Help take a few Christmas decorations down.
  10. Surf the web and think of something to blog about.
  11. Get ready for Church.
  12. Go to church.
  13. Come home and eat and sit on the couch watching NFL playoffs until midnight.
  14. Drink two Manhattans.

I’ve read a hundred articles on what “successful people do to ensure the best weekend” and “tips to making the most of the weekend.” The key is always, “have a plan.”

I have a plan. I’ve stuck to it. I’m having a great Saturday. This isn’t always the case. Dang! I like this. I’m happy.

And I’ll leave you with this thought from Scott Westerman.

Scott’s Life Maxim #1: Happiness is not the destination. Happiness is the path. Purpose is the map. Passion is the fuel. You are the driver. Every road taken includes bumps and potholes. Why not decide to buckle up, take the wheel and enjoy the ride?

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