Fountain of Youth, Part 1

A new person recently hired in at my company at exactly the right time for the health of my skin.

It was January. The middle of a very cold winter. I had just started a new skin care regiment and got Harry’s face scrub, eye brightener, and daily facial lotion. It was not going well. My face was basically a giant surface of flaking skin.

Every day. More face scrub. More lotion. And every day I felt like my face was literally falling off.

This new person, one day while standing by the coffee maker said, “oh, lord, I’m going to bring you something for your face.” She asked, “what are you using …because you need to stop. Those lotions are pretty much designed to fail so you keep using more and chasing good skin.”

I was devastated. Not like I didn’t know my skin was flaking off and I looked like a monster. Some days …it was hard to even come into the office and see people face to (flaky) face. I could barely look at myself in the mirror.

With her words, it was like a one-person-skin-intervention. A “skintervention” (TM). I needed it. I knew things weren’t getting better and the Harry’s product was a major fail.

My obsessions with fighting off wrinkles, battling sagging skin, and keeping my youthful appearance is an ongoing struggle so I decided …it was time. Time to go …to Ulta …and get something that would actually work (sorry to reader Carol G. and Patty H. …I know you’ve tried to help me in the past).

I’m here to say …Ulta has saved my face. The woman who greeted me didn’t recoil at seeing me struggling to figure out what was the best product, but she could see I needed help and …drum roll …I’m now a Tula man and I’m loving it. I started small …to make sure it works. I bought the 24-7 Moisture Hydrating Day & Night Cream and immediately, even when I put it on my super flaky skin …it felt amazing and worked. It worked immediately. I use only a tiny amount every morning on my nose, my eyebrows, my forehead into my hairline, and near my temples and crows feet. It’s been a true miracle.

Tired of reading about my flaky face skin? Well how about my scalp? Well, I was having issues there, too, and my wife brought home a tube of Sun Bum Revitalizing Detox Scalp Scrub. Where’s this stuff been my whole life? Not only does it smell like vacation (like coconut), it works, and if I believe their website, they care about the planet, about animals, and about people and they “look for ways to make our products without stuff that could hurt any of them.”

For all I know, this stuff is made from dolphin teeth …but I’ll take Sun Bum at their word and I’m super happy and the product works.

My face is moisturized. My dandruff is gone. And I think I’m looking younger, already, when paired with my under eye brightening serum, the gallon of water I drink daily, and my equal rotation of sleeping on my left side, right side, and back so my skin doesn’t always get pulled by gravity the same way, every night.

I’m 90% ready to fully endorse these brands. After 30 days, so far so good.

Always looking for the fountain of youth.

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