Weezer Stuff, Part 1: A Weezer Podcast, a Playlist by Weezer, and a cool video

This might be the first and last “Weezer Stuff” post on my Blog, but worthy of the keystrokes. In the course of 24 hours, I happened upon a cool, new video by Weezer, I found a Playlist on the iHeartRADIO App with songs actually picked by Weezer, and then found the We Are Weezer Podcast by Weezer superfans where they talk about Weezer songs, talk to people and bands inspired by Weezer, and talk about other random Weezer stuff (the Podcast even has it’s own webpage). Weezer ain’t The Beatles, but for me, this is a super great Podcast and I would like to hang out with Rachel (host of the Podcast).

Click here to find, listen-to, and Follow the We Are Weezer Podcast.

We Are Weezer Is A Podcast About, You Guessed It, Weezer… Rachel & special guests share interesting details on the band, explore the
music, review and rate songs, bond, & share their personal stories.

Here’s the Playlist that Weezer made. It’s like I’m sitting in Rivers’ basement in the late 80s.

And I know I posted this new video only a couple of days ago, but just in case you missed it, here it is again.


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