Plant-Based Don, 3 Week Update

Remember how I Blogged about being a vegetarian, but not really a vegetarian? Turns out, this idea wasn’t my own. Currently, two of the top things being searched are Google are “plant-based” and “intermittent fasting.” In fact, intermittent fasting was the #1 trend for 2019 and I totally did it a few times in 2019.

Now I’m plant-based with some fasting mixed in. I’m so trendy.

Some have asked, “why?” And some have wondered where did I get this crazy idea. Obviously, if these two things are big on Google, I’m just following the trend (something I love doing …if it’s trendy, it must be great, right? Like wild-patterned dress socks …everyone else is doing it, so I am, too).

Actually, I was inspired by observing my own health. I know when I eat rich meats, bakery bread with butter, and sugar, my lung condition acts up. When I don’t …it doesn’t.

Enter two Netflix documentaries … Forks Over Knives and What the Health (both movie trailers below). Add to that my obsession with Dr. Joel Kahn and his book, Dead Execs Don’t Get Bonuses, and it was a perfect storm of voices telling me, “Don. You’re a smart guy. You should know better.”

Here I am. Day-18 of plant-based eating, not snacking in the evening, and occasionally eating a really small meal if I’m not hungry and I’m here to tell ya …I feel incredible!

Wanna know how I became an expert on everything food-related in two nights? Watch the documentaries, read some Dr. Joel Kahn Tweets and his books, and you’ll see where my head is at.

I want a cheeseburger …when I’m 80-years-old.

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