Things I Think: This Show Looks Good

Pardon the randomness of this post, but here’s a show I’m definitely going to be watching. And I’m going to be writing about it at spunkybean. And I’m really, really looking forward to this show. But I can’t tell you why. But if you were my friend in college, you might also want to watch this show.

The show is going to be on HGTV and is called Brother v. Brother, which features those two Property Brothers dudes, Jonathan and Drew Scott, and they’re leading two teams who’ll go head to head (under their leadership) to fix up some houses or something and then someone will win and someone will lose. What do they call those shows? Oh …yes …reality shows. I love those things.

But I can’t say why I particularly wanna watch this show. I covered that, right?

I just can’t say. So stop asking.

Oh, and if you were one particular friend of mine from college, and you are letting me help you with your social media and Facebook and stuff, here’s what I’d post if I was running your blog…

Write something like, “Hmmmmm …this show looks really interesting to me and I can’t wait to see who all those blurry people are in the background.”

Then I’d link to this article.

Then I’d embed the clip (which I’m actually having some difficulty with). Then I’d make a fist and punch the air …because I’m awesome. Well, you’re awesome.

Here’s the preview

Is anyone picking up what I’m throwing down? Good luck, you (and “you” know who “you” are).

Brother v. Brother premiers on July 21st. Set your DVRs and Tivo and mark your calendar.

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