Washing Machine, 3 Week Update

Remember how I was getting a new washing machine and was worried about (a) not having a center agitator, (b) having too many computerized features, and (c) getting a large capacity washer that would waste too much water?


I’m here to tell you …I love this machine. The single, most-advanced item in my house is my LG washing machine. Even though I know the control panel is going to fail in 5-years and I’ll be paying for repairs, right now, this thing is amazing.


It senses the size of my load and uses only enough water to submerge all the clothes. I never would’ve believed it could work, but I’ve watched. It works! I literally set timers for 7-minutes, 10-minutes, and 15-minutes and have been going back to the laundry room to make sure the sensing was accurate. How does it know!?!?!?!?


The soap dispensing drawer has eliminated my obsession with making sure the soap is evenly distributed in the water and doesn’t just sit on a few articles of clothing when I drizzled it into my old machine. With my old machine, I would start the water. Add soap. Stir the soap. And only then add the clothing and then use a poking-stick to stir the clothing and water.


One thing I didn’t like about the agitator was how it (more than half the time) would create a twisted, gnarled rope of clothing that would stretch the clothing or wrinkle it to a point that the dryer on high-heat couldn’t unwrinkle. Did I iron t-shirts? Maybe. Ahem. Now, even using the “Normal” setting, things don’t get twisted and nowhere near as wrinkled as in the old machine. The LG even has a setting with “No Spin” that I used for wash-n-wear, wrinkle-free dress shirts and a pair of khaki pants and talk about no wrinkles. Seriously. You’re here. So let’s talk about it. The “No Spin” leaves the clothes a bit wetter when done, but the lack of wrinkles trumps the wet clothes. It’s good for a small load of things you want to look wrinkle-free. Plus (this is for reader Kurt), because of the soap drawer and the always-perfect water level for the size of the load, my clothes look cleaner.


It took me almost three weeks to realize the installers reversed the hot and cold lines, so we had many cold showers in the last few weeks even though I swore to the family I was doing the loads on “Tap Cold” (an option for all loads). Whoops. The washing machine was using all the hot water. I will not be downloading the LG App on my phone that will allow me to check the status of the load from anywhere in my house, or to start my washing machine from somewhere else. That just seems silly and I’m not even going to research it. I might make a series of Blog posts about the machine and all the features because YouTube is lacking experts on this particular LG and maybe this will be my chance to go viral.

I know this will break and cost me – but it’s cool.

Exciting times around our household – especially if you’re an item of clothing.



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