Christmas Wish-List, Part 2

Two more things for my Christmas Wish-List, and I’m so sorry I’m dripping these ideas onto the world. Yesterday, I indicated I want a Bongo Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker and slip-on Johnston & Murphy’s. Today I’m going for a replacement of a Christmas classic and something retro.

41yy4jdv-6l-_sx395_Bogs Urban Walker:  For those who remember my Christmas of 2014, you remember I got these fully waterproof slip-ons for walking the dog. Three years later, my first pair have worn a bit thin on the bottom (so many miles on them) and a seam has split …so it’s time to replace them with the exact same thing. They were better than I ever imagined, in fact, because I learned they were warm to a -20 degrees and they pretty much became my go-to, quicky footwear.

Adidas Sambas – Classic: If you can believe this, I bought myself a pair of Adidas indoor soccer shoes around 1999 and have played countless games, coached hours upon hours of my kids’s games, and have run even more practices. I don’t know how they held up. adidas20originals20samba20670x425We’re talking 18 years!!! Well, this past season, the finally died on me. The upper separated from the sole and, yes, duct tape fixed it, but I know one more rainy outdoor practice and those things will be toast. So, it’s time to revisit a classic …I had these Adidas Sambas all through high-school and into college until they were stolen from my room at the frat during a party, and a little part of me died that day. It’s time I recapture my youth and rock some classic Sambas.

Sorry to be making you click around …by this evening, I’ll publish my master list so you can easily shop for me.

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