#22Kill 22-Day Push-Up Challenge, Day 4

Something occurred to me as I took a nice bike ride with my kids to a local park, this evening. It occurred to me that I can safely do things like that, and we can all enjoy that freedom and peace, because whenever our enemies threaten us, our military suits up, heads overseas, and kicks some ass. Save for some very limited and horrific tragedies (when we had to be completely blindsided by cowards), we live in a safe and free society.

I watch dumb reality TV. A minority is currently serving as President. A woman could very well be our next President. I can have any job I want, as can my wife, and while my opinions and religion may differ from many of my friends and neighbors, I’m allowed to have different opinions and my own religion, and you can have yours. It’s amazing. I’m lucky to live in thee U.S.A.

I get to be lucky, and safe, and watch dumb reality TV because our military keeps us safe. And when I hear they can’t handle being back on U.S. soil, can’t always find (or hold) jobs, and that an average of 22 Veterans take their own lives each day, I get mad and sad.

Maybe someday soon the #22Kill 22-push-up challenge will be the #0ZeroKill push-up challenge.

Here’s me with a little message and 22 more push-ups.

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