Joyful. Happy. Healthy. Today.

Life can change overnight. For my uncle, last night, life might have changed. I realize I’m being vague, but I’m not sure what I can share (or should share) right now.

If you’ve figured anything out about me, by now, you know I write to cope. I write to organize my thoughts. I write to create and imagine, and it makes me happier. For you non-writers, that’s a real thing. Read this amazing article from Janna Marlies Maron when she wrote a guest post for Jeff Goins on his blog.

I liked the article because it made me feel less silly about blogging all the time. You’d think because we live in a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram world and everyone makes everything public, I wouldn’t be self conscious …but at times I feel a little dopey being a man in his 40s and I’ve been blogging for 10+ years and really don’t have any readers.

No different than a diary, right?

cheesesteak_600x300The point of all this is . . . I’m sad. My uncle is battling right now. I don’t like change when things change for the worse. We all have struggles and battles and we say we live with the approach of living each day like it’s our last …which for me would mean eating a Penn Station Philly cheesesteak and fries for breaksfast, lunch, second lunch, dinner, and late night snack. But I will, instead, spend my day living as if I want thousands more days and live today so that tonight when I go to bed I’m not going to be thinking of all the things I should’ve done, or calls I should’ve made, or hugs I should’ve given.

Ahem. Yes. It starts with getting off the social media and writing a blog entry. But that’s my therapy, motivation, and daily to-do list organizer all in one.

One final thing that I added into Evernote, and it seemed timely, was this daily assignment from Darren Hardy in his Darren Daily emails. Seems like a good to-do list.

Listen here.

Action For Today – Write down three things each that make you…

  • Happier
  • Healthier
  • More joyful

. . . pick one each and do them today.

Now, write down the names of your top 3 team members and ask, “what is one thing I can do today to help them be either . . . ”

  • Happier
    More joyful

Pick one each and do it for them today.

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